Case Studies

Facebook Ads – Live Concert Promo Company

A Live Concerts Promo Company reached out to us with one goal in mind – to use Facebook Ads to reach new audiences and dramatically increase ticket sales for their events and shows.

Hosting a number of annual concerts, seasonal music festivals, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) band collaborations, and solo event nights for local artists and EDM bands -our client had a good repution in the marketplace.

Serving an annual audience of 40,000 and hosting nearly 20 shows a week, our client needed to scale up their operations while efficiently managing their events. 


Return on Investment

3 Million

People Reached via Facebook


Of Ticket Sales from Facebook Ads


Our Top of Funnel & Retargeting Ad Campaign Conversion Rate

The Challenge
Our client already had a presence on Facebook but wanted to scale up quickly with a limited ad budget. They needed to increase ticket sales on a daily basis to achieve their goal.

They wanted to use Facebook Ads to collect high-conversion leads by reaching the appropriate demographic for each event they were promoting.

What We Did
We began with an audit on our client’s existing Facebook marketing presence and found that we needed a two-phased approach:

1. Collect high-converting leads to maximize ticket sales.
2. Promote upcoming events and reach new audiences with video ads.

Videos were used to create buzz – specifically short clips and and exclusive footage from previous events and concerts. Video ads were used to generate maximum awareness and optimize the paid campaigns for video views.

Our Facebook Ads Quality Assurance Team ensured that we only used powerful creatives that would align our target audience with our client’s event lifestyle. Once tickets were available for sale, we retargeted those viewers to help increase conversion rate.

Geographic and interest-based targeting filters were created to attract high-quality audience groups on Facebook – specifically those between 18 and 44 years of age, and living in and around California.

Our Facebook Ads specialists also created custom audiences using the data of previous buyers, visitors to our client’s website, and video viewers in an effort to boost the conversion rate.

The Results
We successfully reached out to nearly 3 million people while driving a 3,000% return on ad spend using our 5 winning ad sets.

Our top-of-funnel and retargeting ad campaigns hit the desired 70% conversion rate. 

35% of the ticket sales were attributed to our efforts on Facebooks Ads.

In addition, our client saved an average of 10 hours a week by outsourcing Facebook Ads to us.