Birch Run
Birch Run
April 18, 2022.
They have done work with our whole portfolio. would recommend.
Tara Hill
Tara Hill
April 18, 2022.
They put a media package together for our team. It rocked.
Ltl Investments
Ltl Investments
April 11, 2022.
Listen to Justin! He really knows marketing and trends inside and out. He's always ahead of the curve, and he can help you stay ahead of the competition.
Ninja Finder
Ninja Finder
April 11, 2022.
EVC has been handling our website and SEO for the past 6 months and we couldn't be happier! They have helped us to increase our online visibility and build up our brand awareness. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable and effective digital marketing partner.
Lauren Gillen
Lauren Gillen
July 30, 2021.
EVision really helped our family's personal business with a new look and more. It was complicated situation of building an online presence, so they put together a strategy to generate traffic through social media by running Facebook ads, and giving us posting guidelines and photography rules for all of our platforms!!!
The Reserve Apartments
The Reserve Apartments
July 30, 2021.
We were struggling with our marketing and found it difficult to generate copy for social media. EVCreative was so professional and helpful throughout the whole process. We never felt like we were in the dark, because they guided us through everything- from writing posts, creating graphics, or even creating a blog post for new content. I recommend this service for any small business who needs help with their marketing but doesn't have a large budget.

About Us

We are Digital Marketing Advisors & revenue transformation specialists

We do research & identify revenue obstacles to transform them into opportunities

We believe in integrity, inspiration & respect

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EVC is dedicated to learning about and understanding your business. By building a relationship with each of our clients, we can ensure our marketing strategy is built with the sole focus of solving the problems your business faces. Each of our marketing campaigns is built with the client’s needs in mind to solve the greatest marketing problems. We are committed to using the best practices and staying on top of the latest innovations in digital marketing.

Marketing strategies are being developed every day to find new ways to reach web users with the right marketing message. Whether it’s a paid advertising campaign, new ways to improve search results, or better ways of connecting on social, we are constantly looking for the newest and most innovative ways to connect your brand with an online audience. We are committed to being transparent with our clients. Our reports are created to provide clients with an understanding of the efforts that have gone into their campaign and the results.

We are open about what we do and how we do it for our clients to present them with the best long-term value. We are always available to help them and guide them through understanding how their campaigns are performing and what it is that we can do for them to give them additional value.

Justin Lansdell, CEO

Revenue Obstacles

As any business owner knows, generating revenue is essential to success. However, identifying revenue obstacles can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a few research-based strategies that can help. First, take a close look at your target audience. What needs are not being met? What problems do they face? Second, take a close look at your engagement levels. Are you providing value that is relevant and engaging? Finally, take a close look at your digital marketing efforts. Are you reaching your target audience effectively? By identifying revenue obstacles and transforming them into opportunities, you can ensure the success of your business.

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What Type of Business are You?

There are two main types of businesses: those that are adaptable and those that are antiquated. Adaptable businesses are able to change and evolve with the times, while antiquated businesses are stuck in their ways and resistant to change. In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s clear that adaptability is key to success. Businesses that are able to adapt to new technologies, market trends, and customer demands are more likely to prosper than those that don’t. Being adaptable requires creativity, flexibility, and a willingness to take risks. It can be scary to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s often necessary in order to stay ahead of the competition.


Are you providing value that is relevant and engaging? In other words, are you helping your readers to understand and connect with your content? If so, great! Keep up the good work. If not, well you are watching revenue wash right into the hands of your competition. If you can’t identify your marketing footprint and your digital marketing strategy to someone in 4 sentences, then there is a problem there that needs to be addressed. Can you easily complete this?

  • We provide [Service or Product] to [Target Audience].
  • To solve this problem, we
    • [Solution 1]
    • [Solution 2]
    • [Solution 3]
  • If you have ever dealt with [problem your prospects are facing]
  • Then [your company and product/service] is the solution you need


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At Eagle Vision Creative, we’re all about results. Results that get you increased revenue. Results that change your business and your life. We also like the word FREE. A lot. So, get started today with a FREE audit on your current website so that we can start showing you how to get the results that will increase your company’s revenue.


Our digital marketing agency can assist you with all your marketing needs. All the way from search engine optimization campaigns, to customized PPC campaigns and even website design solutions.


Begin generating leads and sales within days from intricate Facebook campaigns.


Direct your target demographic straight to you through powerful PPCs on first-tier search engines.


Ultimate online visibility and exposure awaits you with the right search engine marketing solutions.


Get a brand-new website or revamp an old one and stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge design.


Where there’s a phone, there’s a way. Dominate your social media pages with posts curated to your industry.


Start pumping out blog articles, location or product pages, and more to stimulate interest in your company.


Geofencing is a location-based marketing strategy that uses GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual boundary around a specific area.


Our platform allows businesses to turn their WiFi into a powerful marketing tool. It provides businesses with all the information they need about their customers.


We offer reward kiosks that are the easiest and most effective way to engage customers, as well as auto-pilot text engagement that sends automated offers at predetermined times or actions.


Not all leads are created equal. You need to generate high-quality leads that will convert to customers. EVC Lead Generation uses a variety of methods, including targeted advertising, email marketing, and social media outreach, to find and contact your perfect customer.

EVC Tools & Services

Case Studies

It’s not rocket science – our work actually gets results.

Facebook Ads

Live Concerts Promo Company

  • 3,000% Return on Investment
  • Nearly 3 Million People Reached
  • 35% of all Ticket Sales through Facebook Ads


E-Commerce Store

  • Revenue Increased by 69%
  • Organic Traffic Increased by 93% in 9 Months
  • Search Engine Rankings Improved Monthly

Lead Generation

Med Spa

  • Nearly 60,000 Plus People Reached
  • 500 Quality Leads Generated
  • 85% of the 500 Leads Converted to Sales

Lead Generation

Residential Contractor

  • Established 63 Scheduled Calls per Week
  • Cut Cost Per Lead in Half (by 52%)
  • Identified 2 Winning Ads that Performed Well

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